I returned home from Fall Toastmasters Town North Division Humorous Speech Contest around 10:00pm. My nine-year-old daughter took my trophy, looked at it for a few seconds and screamed: “Only 3rd Place? Mama, how come you didn’t win 1st Place?” I smiled and replied: “Because there were speakers who were better and funnier than me in the eyes of the judges.”

Though my daughter was “not happy” with me as a 3rd Place winner, I was very pleased with my performance at Town North Division Contest. As a speaker who does not have a funny bone, I used to struggle a lot on how to apply humor in my speeches.  Magically, during the development and practice of my contest speech “What Did You Say?” in the past weeks, I started to figure out how to develop, apply and deliver humors in my speech:

  • Keep your story simple, original and unique
  • Make sure your message is relevant to the audience
  • Engage in some light-hearted self-mockery
  • Apply humor techniques  such as big-big-small, exaggeration, and twisted definition
  • Paint vivid images and characters with words, vocal variety, and gestures
  • Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously

I’m not a funny person but I want to learn the art of humors. My Town North contest experience just proved one thing: There is hope for people like me who are not funny to make hilarious talks.  If you have any doubt, please watch the video clip below. This is my contest speech “What Did You Say?” at Town North Division Humorous Speech Contest on Oct. 17, 2014. Enjoy..!