Ladies and gentlemen, you all have inner dreams at different stages of your lives. Life is like a piece of white canvas. You have no control of the two ends, your birth and your death. But you are in charge of the white space in between. When you take the courage to unfold, admit, and follow your dreams, you are painting your life with colors

A dream may die. So what!  A dream may come true. Great! A dream may seem impossible. Keep trying!
 A life worth living when you dream a dream.”

Above was the ending message I delivered in my speech “Dream A Dream” at 2010 LAMP (Leadership Assessment and Mentoring Program ). LAMP’s objective is to aid Asian Americans in achieving their leadership potential in work and community affairs. 2010 Lamp focused on the challenges faced by leaders and mentors in this economic turn.
As a speaker, my mission was to promote public speaking at 2010 LAMP. Since the majority of the audience were foreign students and young professionals in the engineering fields, I connected with them as soon as the MC introduced me:
“Lia Bai started her career as an Engineer in China. Her biggest fear was speaking English when she came to the U.S. as a foreign student 20 years ago.  After years of “Learning by doing” she not only overcame her fear of speaking but also built her confidence in public speaking. Most recently she competed at 2010 Toastmaster International Speech Contest and made 3rd place at the division
contest. A big honor! …..”

After my speech, a Chinese student from UTD came to me and said:” I want to speak like you one day”. As a speaker, I have done my job if my speech inspired at least one person to become a better communicator.

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