Why Lia Bai?

Lia Bai is a communication expert, speaker, and coach. She is known for her authenticity, humor, and passion for helping non-native English speaking professionals, leaders, and executives improve their communication skills. She also devotes her time to help children, tomorrow’s leaders, find their voice. As an award winning storyteller and humorist, Lia is living proof of transformation from accent to excellence herself. She empowers, entertains and inspires you to achieve your best.


Lia is authentic, inspirational, entertaining speaker with something compelling to say. She has the ability to touch the hearts of her audience and move them to action.


Lia is a natural teacher who believes in you and cares about you. At the same time, she tugs, challenges, and leads you to unleash your best.


Lia enjoys writing and sharing her thoughts, ideas, and tips. She has also developed a passion for learning by reading and collecting others’ expertise and wisdom.

If You’re Looking for Someone Who is Authentic, Inspirational, and Funny with Something Compelling to Say, Then You Need Lia!

Lia Bai is a communication skills expert, speaker, and coach. She has a passion for working with non-native English speaking professionals, leaders, and executives. She ignites effective communication in cultural diversity and helps her clients improve productivity, diversity, and profitability.

With her authenticity, humor, and wisdom, Lia has the ability to wow, inspire and connect with her audience. Some of the speaking engagements Lia has completed include:
  – Empowering two hundred plus professionals and business leaders to better their communication skills during an appreciation party in Chengdu, China.
  – Delivering an inspirational speech titled “From Accent to Excellence” at Toastmasters District 50 Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  – Sharing her expertise in global business with Global Executive MBA marketing class for the University of Southern California in Shanghai, China.

Lia comes from a background in engineering, design, marketing, sales, leadership, and public speaking. She started her career as an electronic engineer at age 20 in China. After moving to the United States, Lia transformed herself into an industrial designer, a sales & marketing professional, then a business leader, working for multinational companies such as Huawei, Motorola, and Texas Instruments. She also served as the General Manager of Operations for Martin Sprocket & Gear (China) Ltd. in Shanghai, China between 2004 and 2009. Lia’s 20 plus years of unique and diverse experiences provide her with in-depth cross-functional and cross-cultural insight, lessons learned, and life stories.

Lia is a candidate member of North Texas chapter of the National Speaker Association. She is also an active member of ProSpeak, an advanced Toastmasters club for professional speakers in Dallas, Texas. As the founder and coach of Speech Fun, a yearlong public speaking workshop for children, Lia builds communication competence for tomorrow’s leaders.
Lia holds an MBA in marketing from Texas Christian University, a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Columbus College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Chengdu University in China. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family and singing Karaoke.  She lives with her husband and daughter in Allen, Texas.

Lia's Hot Topics and Programs

Create Communication Competences of Global Leaders
From Accent to Excellence

From Accent to Excellence

Break Your Bamboo Ceiling

For non-native English speaking professionals, leaders and executives, speaking in front of the audience can be very daunting. Like it or not, your success depends on a great deal upon your ability to communicate effectively whether you are running a meeting, making a presentation, conducting an interview, or interacting with peers. You may blame corporate America for your lack of promotion to executive positions. It’s their fault they cannot understand your accent. What to do? Change your attitude and take action!

As an authentic and inspirational speaker with humor and compelling stories, Lia will share the secret to becoming an effective communicator regardless your accent. And she’ll debunk the myth of bamboo ceiling to make a difference in your workplace and life.

This is the perfect program to kick-start any event! It can be extended to an interactive panel discussion with audience participation.

Yes, You Can Be Funny!

Yes, You Can Be Funny!

Laugh Your Way to Success

A sense of humor is one of the most desirable attributes for successful business leaders in the western world. Humor can make you a more likable person, better your relationships with others, and strength your company brand. Well, there is a problem! What if you are not a funny person by nature? What if you are afraid to be funny? What if nobody thinks you are funny even if you tried? No worry!

Lia was once an engineer in China without a funny bone. Now, she’s a humorous speech contest winner, an expert in humorous communication, and occasionally a stand-up comedienne. She will share her 3Ws of humor with lessons learned and personal stories. You will discover the secret to bringing humor to your world while enhancing your success, fulfillment, and happiness at work and in life.

This program is ideal for opening keynotes to engage the audiences of diverse cultures or the perfect closing keynote to end your conference with laughter!

Executive Speech Coaching    

Executive Speech Coaching    

Personalized Coaching For Non-Native English Speaking Leaders

No matter what your job description or title is, you have experienced boring, irrelevant, and confusing business presentations. In addition, you barely understood the presenters if they speak English as the 2nd language. You can easily spot the presenters’ flaws when you watch others speak. The thing is, when you take the stage yourself, you may fall into the same traps.

Lia provides personalized coaching for non-native English speaking leaders. Based on your business needs, personality, and level of communication skills, Lia coaches you to avoid the pitfalls of business presentations and transform you into a speaker and storyteller who can touch the hearts of the audience and move them to action.

Speech Fun

Speech Fun

A Public Speaking Workshop for Children

Children are today’s global citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. It's never too early to encourage children to stand up in front of people and perform. Public speaking skills are important whether children are presenting in school, teaching games to friends, answering phone calls, or reasoning with parents. Building strong communication skills raises children’s confidence and enhances their chance to succeed at school and in life.
As the founder of Speech Fun, Lia believes that children learn best while having fun “doing”. Lia offers year-long group coaching for children (K-5) in North Texas. She also partners with various organizations to ignite the voices of children around the world. Visit www.speechfunforkids.org for more information.


Lia empowers, entertains, and inspires her audiences
 Ingrid Huang

Ingrid Huang

AVP. MTG Underwriting Manager at Bank of America

"Your presentation From Accent to Excellence delivered such a profound message that truly inspired me. I am no longer fear of speaking with accent, as matter of fact, I am proud of having the unique accent. "

Curt D. McClellan

Curt D. McClellan

CFO at Clubcorp

"What a great event! Lia… Your talk was inspiring and very on point for the students. Thank you for using your passion to help these students and others grow and become successful. It was a privilege to be part of the event."

Jim Key

Jim Key

2003 World Champion of Public Speaking

"I very much enjoyed your speech, and glad I was there to hear it. You created a very vivid mental picture of your daughter for us. And I also liked your 'Angry Birds' line... Well done!"

Diane Badame

Diane Badame

Assistant Dean and Academic Director at the Marshall School of Business

“Lia was an excellent speaker during a recent Global Executive MBA marketing class in Shanghai for the University of Southern California.”

Linda Marsden Thomas

Linda Marsden Thomas

Professional Speaker and Author

"Your story at Tell Me More Stories: A Spoken Word Open Mic Night was like listening to a beautiful song. It was so stirring."

Jon Huang

Jon Huang

Vice President at MBB

Lia is a dynamic facilitator and inspirational speaker. She always employs a unique yet light approach to deliver a profound message which brought her insights and personal experience to life. Her session was a high energy jump start. On the topic of "From Accent to Excellence", I am much better informed than before, and I am much more confident about what the future holds for the audience.

Grace Wang

Grace Wang

Auditor/Project Manager at TEOCO Corporation

Lia is not only an excellent speaker herself, but also an insightful teacher. When I engaged her during Frisco ISD Board of Trustees campaign, she was able to quickly identify problem areas of my speaking materials and style, and provide solutions. She consistently held me accountable to practice and refine the materials during the stressful campaign. With her help, my message and delivery became more engaging,interesting, concise, at-ease, and animated. Her coaching exercises sharpened my skills considerably over a short span of time. I'm forever grateful of her help, and highly recommend her training programs.


Communication Tips

Yes, You Can Be Funny

I returned home from Fall Toastmasters Town North Division Humorous Speech Contest around 10:00pm. My nine-year-old daughter took my trophy, looked at it for a few seconds and screamed: “Only 3rd Place? Mama, how come Read more…

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